Program - EBI Summer School

This course provides an overview over the M&A process as well as the fundamentals of corporate finance. We put special emphasis on the use of modern business intelligence tools (e.g. Power BI) to tackle a wide variety of real-world financial problems focusing on corporate decision-making, and financial modelling. 

Key concepts and applications include: time value of money, cost of capital, performance measurement and asset valuation. Hence, you will learn to consume, analyze and model financial data based on state-of-the-art data analytics tools. Adopting a user perspective, you will learn how to create data models to inform different corporate finance decisions building on large amounts of data. 

Using Microsoft Power BI, the course seeks to enable you to design dashboards with the goal to analyze and visualize corporate financials in the M&A process.


The course contains the following building blocks:

  • Introduction
  • Finance Basics
    Fundamentals of finance
    Investment decisions and performance measurement
    Business intelligence in corporate finance
  • Corporate Finance
    Mergers & acquisitions in a global context (motives, deal forms, involved parties)
    Transaction and due diligence process
    Valuation of companies (Cost of capital, fundamental and market approaches)
  • Business Intelligence with PowerBI
    Power BI Overview
    Data modelling and Exploration
    Dashboard in the transaction process
  • Selected topics in business intelligence and corporate finance
    Python Basics for business intelligence
    Data preparation, description and visualization
    Financial instruments (derivatives, stocks, bonds)