Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence


July 22 - August 9, 2024 

  • 1 week online, July 22 - 27
  • 2 weeks in-class in Munich, July 29 - August 9

The Munich School of Management at LMU - one of the leading universities for Business Administration and Business Intelligence in Europe - offers a unique summer program for students from around the world. The course “Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence“ takes place in the heart of Munich.

Are you looking to generate and capture greater competitiveness in a data-driven business environment? Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence refer to a variety of methods and techniques for the analysis of large amounts of business data such as 

  • (pre-) processing and extracting information from large datasets, 
  • modeling underlying patterns by means of powerful data models, as well as
  • reporting and visualization of corporate information.

From the perspectives of a business analyst, we will apply these data analytics methods to key business topics such as sales analysis, product portfolio analysis, derivation of key cost drivers as well as profitability analysis. Using Microsoft Power BI you will learn to describe, model and explore data and creating dashboards to improve economic decision-making in the todays corporate environment.

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The objectives of the course are:

  • In this course, you will learn conceptual foundations of Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence as well as the practical application using Microsoft PowerBI
  • To apply Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence concepts to business topics such as product market analysis, sustainable earnings, cost of capital and investment analysis . 
  • To develop data models using PowerBI in order to derive key insights in the company’s processes. Powerful visualization tools and scenario analysis allow a better understanding of key performance drivers of the underlying business model. These insights are of particular interest for key stakeholders such as managers, analysts and investors.